At what stage should I employ a Project Manager? 

As soon as you have a project in mind.

Contacting Plan-It Associates and employing a Project Manager enables us to provide you with an initial free consultation, and subsequently a Feasibility Study which will start your project going in the correct direction.

The Feasibility Study could save you time and money and will outline different options for your project, including the effects if the project does not proceed.

What benefits are there in a professional Project Manager? 

Employing a Project Manager who understands all the technical, logistical and legal requirements of a building project can prevent potentially expensive mistakes being made. Being represented on site by a professional who can resolve issues, direct questions for contractors and ensure your building project is delivered on time, budget and to the expected standards, takes the stress out of understanding the project yourself.

How do you calculate your fees, and how much do you charge for your services? 

We estimate the amount of time in periods of half days spent on your project.  This is broken down into the different stages.

We then present you with a fixed fee proposal for each stage that would only differ if your project was substantially changed by your instruction.

Who is responsible for Health and Safety on my site ?

Under the new Construction, Design and Managements [CDM] Regulations 2015 all projects are covered by statutory regulations even small domestic projects.  We can advise you of your responsibilities and how to comply, potentially saving you time, money and avoidance of breaking the law.


Can you help with my existing project that is running into problems? 

We certainly can.

By identifying the issues and risks, we can help resolve problems by preparing a plan that will move the project forward to a successful completion.

Do I need to sign up for all phases of my project? 

No.  Plan-It Associates will prepare you a fee proposal after our initial free consultation.

The fee proposal will be broken down into four stages. If you do not wish to buy into the full four stage package, you can use the information and documentation we have provided from a completed phase to take your project forward yourselves.

What is involved with my initial free consultation? 

We will spend time with you, preferably at your proposed site to fully understand the parameters of your project.  These parameters will include your vision, time and budgetary constraints, and the quality levels you wish to achieve.

We want to help you turn your dreams into reality, and at this stage we need to gather as much information in order to achieve this.

How much can I save by employing a professional Project Manager? 

This can depend upon the value you place on your time.

Using a professional Project Manager with a sub-contract package as an alternative to the traditional route of an Architect and Main Contractor can save up to 15% on a total build cost.

Will you work with my existing designer or trades people? 

Of course.

If you have a good relationship with professionals or trade people, and they are appropriately qualified and insured, then we would welcome them as part of the team to deliver your project.