A True Story.......could this be you?

A professional business couple with full-time commitment to their thriving business decided to carry out a large extension to their home.

They had seen a neighbour having a similar extension built and also knew of another local builder, so without having a full design they asked for quotations. The difference in price was 100% more from the cheapest to the dearest.

The more expensive builder seemed to complete the build for their neighbour in a very timely manner, but even to their untrained eyes it did not appear to be very good quality.

The obvious way forward was to employ an Architect to fully design the extension and obtain planning permission before getting any further building quotes.

The Architect was young but technically able in producing drawings. However, they found him unable to convert their clear dream ideas into working drawings without a lot of input from themselves.

Eventually after obtaining planning permission, the Architect recommended a builder. They also obtained quotes from two other companies.

The estimate from the Architects' recommended builder was accepted, on the basis that the builder could "project manage" the build, which would leave them free to concentrate on their business.

After several months of disruption, not only in their living space but also being constantly interrupted at work with questions from the builder, the relationship with the builder became strained.

This resulted in the builder walking away from the job after being paid 90% of his estimated build cost, and leaving 25% of the project unfinished.

The couple called in sub-contract trades to try and complete the extension but were confronted by several issues of sub-standard work. To rectify this would add even more cost and time to the project.

It transpired that the only work carried out for the Architect by his recommended builder was the construction of a brick shell for a building which did not include any other trades.

This professional couple are not untypical in fully understanding the process of a build project, but also the technical and detailed jargon used in the industry.

We can all be wise after the event, but what would you do differently in their circumstances to avoid the problems they encountered in getting their dream extension built on time, within budget and to the best quality standards.

Hopefully, if you read Plan-It Associates' Services Page, you will understand how employing a professional build Project Manager can avoid all the above problems without costing any more and release you to carry on with your life in a stress free manner.

Our thanks to Max and Clarinda for sharing their story with us.

Please feel free to comment on this true story or share your experiences with us.

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