New CDM Regulations 2015

The new CDM [Construction and Design Management] 2015 Regulations came into force beginning April 2015.  

The main changes affect the client's responsibilities for Health and Safety on site and remove the role of CDM Co-ordinator to be replaced by a Principal Designer.   

What do clients need to do?

Many clients, particularly those who only occasionally have construction work done, are not experts in construction work.  Although you are not expected to actively manage or supervise the work yourself, you have a big influence over the way the work is carried out.  Whatever the size of your project, you decide which designer and contractor will carry out the work and how much money, time and resource is available.  The decisions you make have an impact on the health, safety and welfare of workers and others affected by the work.

As the client you need to:

1. Appoint the right people at the right time.
2. Ensure there are arrangements in place for managing and organising the project.
3. Allow adequate time for the project.
4. Provide information to your designer and contractor.
5. Communicate with your designer and building contractor.
6. Ensure there are adequate welfare facilities on site.
7. Ensure a construction phase plan is in place.
8. Keep the Health and Safety file.
9. Protect members of the public, including your employees.
10. Ensure workplaces are designed correctly.

[Contains public sector information published by the Health and Safety Executive and licensed under the Open Government Licence]

If you are considering carrying out a home extension, refurbishment or new build and wish to obtain further information or advice on how to comply with CDM Regulations please contact us.

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