Permitted Development Rights

What can you achieve under Permitted Development rights?

For certain types of minor changes to your house, Government has legislated for 'Permitted Development' (PD) rights by passing the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995. 

With some specific exceptions, generally in designated areas, this allows a single storey development that could extend up to 4 metres from the rear of a detached house and up to 3 metres from an attached house.

To help stimulate the Construction Industry, Government has now passed an amendment in May 2013 to increase the amount of single storey development to 8 metres from the rear of a detached house, and 6 metres from an attached property under PD rights.

In practice if you wish to extend your property you have to give notice of your plans to the Local Planning Authority, who then inform your neighbours of your intentions. Your neighbours have 21 days to object to your plans. If the Local Planning Authority considers any objections to be worthy, they can request that full planning process be instigated. If however no worthy objections from neighbours are received, the Local Planning Authority will confirm within the statutory 42 days your right to proceed with the development. No fees for this process are payable to the Local Planning Authority. Although, if you are forced to apply for full planning permission then Local Planning Authority fees do apply.

Some issues you must consider:

  • Any extension is from the original plans of the building, or in cases of older buildings any development up to 1948.  This is because you may not be aware of any developments to the original property made by previous owners.
  • All building development under this Permitted Development must still comply with Building Regulations.
  • No extensions are allowed to the front of the property.
  • Side extensions must not exceed more than half of the original building's width.

There are many extensions that were constructed without planning permission. On the basis that if no one complained the Local Planning Authority may not become aware. However, this is a dangerous strategy to take as it may present major difficulties when selling your property.

If you are considering a home development and are unsure of what you are allowed under Permitted Development, then Plan-It Associates Ltd can alleviate any uncertainty. This can be done before you commence with an expensive and time consuming plans by preparing a full feasibility report for your project as Stage One of our Project Management Services.

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