Project Timescales

How long does the whole process of redeveloping or building your dream home take?

The clue to the answer is in the question 'whole process'. Many home developers only consider the time it takes to actually construct the building, which would probably be less than 50% of the whole process.

The feasibility stage can typically take 15% of the whole project lifespan.

The design and planning stage would be an absolute minimum of four months as the planning procedure takes a minimum of 13 weeks. Therefore you should allow about 25% of the whole project lifespan for this stage.

The aftercare, if managed properly should not take more than 10% of the project lifespan.

Project Management is a profession that sets out to address all of the risks, issues and constraints of any project before the actual build process begins. If you would like more information on how little it costs to prepare the feasibility study, please click here to contact us for a free consultation.

The answer to the question is still dependant upon the size and complexity of the project, but it can be calculated as part of the feasibility stage of any project and should give a more certain timescale than just basing it on the build time.

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