Want a beautiful garden?

Whether you are planning a garden project, or simply want to incorporate landscaping as part of your main building project, the project management principles are the same. Budget, quality and timescales.

 Setting your budget will be dependent on the state of the garden now and partly on how you would like it to be, but with restricted resources and careful planning, you can work wonders.

Thinking about the shape of the garden you want to achieve, the amount of hard and soft landscaping, whether you want a low maintenance garden with deciduous planting, something formal, a minimalistic garden, a cottage garden or a vegetable garden. These are just a few to name, but there are so many different styles of gardens. Remember, the garden is extension of you, and your lifestyle, so the formation and colours you choose are a reflection of you.

Top Tip

Climbing vegetable crops, such as runner beans can be grown for ornamental effect as well as productivity. Low growing vegetables can also be planted in flower beds and not look out of place.

If you are unsure start planning the hard landscaping first.

If you want to include a lawn, think about the shape you want.

Top Tip

Take a view, where does the sun rise and fall. Position yourself in your favourite spot in the garden and design around that space gradually working outwards.

Remember, the larger the planting areas means less lawn to maintain.

Deciding on planting can be a daunting, complicated and stressful task. Knowing which plants to choose that will be suited to different parts of the garden is an education in itself, so getting it right the first time can save you time, effort and money.

Points to keep in mind as you finalise your plan. Go into your garden and stand in different places – try to visualise what it will look like. Go into the house and try and visualise what it will look like. Think about the seasons and how they will affect your garden and the views you will have.

Still unsure?

Let us help you achieve your ideal garden, whether it is a place for the flowers, the wildlife, seasonal crops or simply a place for you to relax.

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